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2021 October 24

Secret Walks: Wharf

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On Saturday 23 October, my wife and I chose to do a short walk, as we had done a long one the previous week, and I’d had a 5-mile walk with a friend along West Cliff just the day before.  We initially chose a nearby walk from Secret Walks & Staircases in Santa Cruz, by Debbie Bulger and Richard Stover—the Neary Lagoon loop, but we remembered that the floating walkway was closed for tule removal a couple of weeks ago, so we had the Santa Cruz Wharf as a backup plan.  As it turned out, the walkway was still closed, so we did the wharf loop and came back through the trail across Neary Lagoon that was still open.  The total walk was about 4.2 miles.


There is a lychee tree on Neary Street that I had never noticed before. The fruit is very pretty.


Someone wants to be very sure that the trains don’t use this track, though it is the one that the Roaring Camp Railroad normally uses for its tourist trains.


The screaming-hand logo is so well known that shops don’t even have to say what the product is. For those who don’t know, the logo is for Santa Cruz Skateboards (the world’s oldest skateboard company) and has been their official logo since 1985.


The Pelton-wheel davit is no longer functional, but the gears and pulleys make a nice display.


The ratchet on the Pelton-wheel davit makes a nice color contrast.


Fishing boats like these are no longer used in Santa Cruz (though I believe that there there are still a few larger fishing boats operating out of the yacht harbor).


This sea-otter mural seems to be one of the new sea-themed murals around town.


Steamer Lane (the surf area near the lighthouse) did not seem to be very populated—there were a lot more people watching from the top of the cliff than surfing. I suspect that the waves were a bit high for the beginners, so only the dedicated surfers were out.


There are usually quite a few sea lions hanging out under the wharf, but the number we saw on our walk seemed unusually large—there was not enough room for all of them!


This sea gull looks almost like a cartoon character, with just his head showing above the back of the bench.


A few more of the many sea lions.


The Boardwalk was still operating rides, though they are coming to the end of the busy tourist season. I took this picture of just a small part of the Boardwalk, as the whole thing makes too wide a panoramic shot to make a good image for the blog.


This kayak-rental shack has more murals, though these seem a little less well done than many around town.


The whale mural on the other side of the kayak-rental shack.


The tule marsh in Neary Lagoon has been cleared back quite a bit, so that there is open water visible from the trail again.


The mallard ducks like the tule reeds.


Many houses have up fancy Halloween decorations—my wife and I both rather like these skeletal musicians at Seaside and Laurent.

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