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Tools and parts list for Applied Circuits S2015

This parts list for BME 101/L (Applied Circuits for Bioengineers) Spring 2015, is based on the Spring 2014 list.  Prices are based on ordering enough parts for 40 kits, but do not include tax and shipping.  List is almost the same as last year, so leftover parts can be reused.

Item Vendor Qty Extended price
Solderless Breadboard MeerkatSystems 1 $4.58
Wire Strippers Sparkfun 1 $4.46
Solder Vacuum Sparkfun 1 $4.46
Needle Nose Pliers Harbor Freight 1 $1.99
Diagonal Cutters Harbor Freight  1 $1.79
screwdriver set Amazon 1 $3.73
Subtotal $21.01
hysteresis oscillator board —1.6mm green, custom PC, order 20 boards (2 orders of 10 each) and cut (same as last year’s) ITEADStudio or Smart Prototying or Elecrow 1 $0.50
instrumentation amp protoboard—1.6mm green, custom PC, order 100 boards  [Smart Prototyping has best prices] (same as last year’s) Smart Prototying or Elecrow or ITEADStudio 2 $1.00
2″ x 5″ Shielded Speaker (note only 5W speaker this year, last year’s ok) Parts Express 1 $1.00
alligator clips Amazon 4 $0.64
1280 piece resistor assortment (last year’s assortment ok) Amazon 1 $9.00
EKG electrodes (repackage into own Ziploc quart size 10/student) Amazon 10 $2.23
3/16″ air-line tubing (cut to length) Amazon 2 feet $0.39
250 ceramic capacitors ITEADStudio 1 $4.80
electrolytic capacitors repackage 1 of each size into small zipseal #1 ITEADStudio 12 $0.60
Subtotal $20.16
Parts to package in DIP rail
MCP6004 quad op amp DigiKey 2 $0.72
INA126PA instrumentation amp DigiKey 2 $5.36
74HC14N Schmitt trigger hex inverter DigiKey 1 $0.44
LM2903 dual comparator DigiKey 1 $0.29
Subtotal $6.66
Parts to package in small zipseal #2
24 gauge fine silver wire (cut) Fusion Beads 1 foot $0.81
double-ended male headers (split into 20-pin lengths) ITEADStudio 20 pins $0.15
electret microphone CMA-4544PF-W DigiKey 1 $0.75
10kΩ thermistor 1% epoxy NTCLE413E2103F520L DigiKey 1 $0.77
4-long 0.1″ screw terminal OSTVN04A150 (was 282834-4) DigiKey 5 $3.99
4.7µF 16v ceramic capacitor 10% FK26X7R1C475K DigiKey 6 $1.29
AOI514 (discontinued AOI518 or NTD5867NL-1G nFET 18A still usable) DigiKey 1 $0.37
IRFU9024NPBF pFET 11A (was NTD2955-1G not in stock) DigiKey 1 $0.53
10KΩ multi-turn trim pot 1-1623849-0 DigiKey 1 $0.78
phototransistor 3mm 940nm IR NPN  WP3DP3BT DigiKey 1 $0.16
photodiode 3mm clear PD204-6C DigiKey 1 $0.34
LED red diffuse 3mm 625nm WP710A10ID DigiKey 1 $0.08
10×2 gold female header for KL25Z DigiKey 1  $1.17
8×2 gold female header for KL25Z DigiKey 2 $1.77
6×2 gold female header for KL25Z DigiKey 1 $0.78
Subtotal $13.74
Freedom KL25Z Digikey 1 $12.95
USB A to USB mini cable ITEADstudio 1 $0.80
Subtotal $13.67
Ziploc 2-gallon freezer bag to hold everything Amazon 1 $0.65
Ziploc quart freezer bags for EKG electrodes Amazon 1 $0.15
2″x3″ zip-seal bags for electrolytic capacitors and discrete semiconductors Amazon 2 $0.02
used DIP rail (packaging) cut into 3 7-inch pieces Jameco 7″ $0.08
DIP rail plugs Jameco 2 $0.14
Subtotal $1.04
Total for student tools and parts $76.28

Consumables for lab:

Item Vendor Qty Item price Extended price
1lb 60/40 solder Digikey 1 $31.40 $31.40
22 gauge solid hookup wire (100′ each of red, black , and 2 other colors) Jameco 4 $7.95 $31.80

New reusable equipment for lab:

Item Vendor Qty Item price Extended price
student Celsius THPC01 thermometer (or other thermometers capable of reading ±0.5°C) Lab and Science 12 $1.90 $22.80
blood pressure cuff (many others in $12–$16 range, need replaceable gauge) Amazon 12 $12 $144
air tubing connectors (40 pc) 1 $5.13 $5.13
Total for lab equipment $171.93

The lab staff suggested several replacements (for their ease of ordering):

for suggested my response
1280 piece resistor assortment “resistor assortment, 100 values, 1/4W carbon film
(20 pcs each of 100 values / pack)”RB-Dfr-128 Robot Shop 15.50ea 14.72ea/10
OK, those are worse tolerance (5% instead of 1%), and they don’t say what values are in the pack, and $15.50 instead of $9, but they might be ok.
This looks similar to the set that was bought last year, where each set had different values and some had duplicate values.
“capacitor assortment, electrolytic, 1 each of 12 values
(10 each of 12 values / pack (120pcs) for $6.00)”
FIT0117 RB-Dfr-87 Robot Shop 3.90ea 3.74ea/10 OK
250 ceramic capacitors “capacitor assortment, ceramic, (10 x 25 values) 250pack
(10 each of 25 values / pack (250pcs) for $4.80)”
FIT0118 RB-Dfr-86 Robot Shop 2.90ea 2.78ea/10 This looks like a random assortment, with no guarantee of 25 different values, nor that the capacitors are sorted by value in separate bags, as in the set I specified. I think this will be a very poor substitution.Further followup—they confirmed that the assortment was the same as the ITEADstudio one I had specified, so it’s good to go.
3/16″ air-line tubing (cut to length) “tubing, flexible, clear PVC, OD 3/16″”, ID 1/8″” – 2ft length5231K948 McMaster Carr 0.34/2ft OK
“electrodes EKG, ‘SilveRest Resting’, 1 3/8″” Vinyl Tape
(100/bx for $14.00)”
A10009-100 Vermed EVA10009-100 Danlee Medical 1.40ea OK, identical.
screwdriver set, 2 phillips & 4 slot 10NW034 MCM Electronics 21-2955 MCM Electronics 1.99ea
double-ended male headers (split into 20-pin lengths) (36pin headers: $2.13 ea, $1.91ea/10, $1.75ea/25 )
929834-02-36 3M 517-834-02-36 Mouser 2.13ea 1.91ea/10
NO, those are ordinary headers, not the long ones that are double ended. They’re also tin-plate rather than gold flash.Further followup confirmed that these were the extra-long symmetric headers I wanted, and that the ones I had specified were not gold flashed.  So these are good to go also. 
USB cable, A to mini, 3ft 3896 Monoprice 0.74 ea OK
24 gauge fine silver wire (cut) (5 ft for $7.97)
H20-4597BS “Fire Mountain Gems and Beads” 1.59ea
NO, That is silver solder, only 65% silver, not fine silver, and is not suitable for the Ag/AgCl electrodes.

They proposed H20-1167WR , but that is sterling silver (92.5% silver), not fine silver (99.9% silver), and I really want fine silver for the electrodes.

Further update: they proposed .999 Fine Silver Round Wire, 24-Ga., Dead Soft     $0.54/ft

which looks fine.

4 alligator clips per student alligator clips, pair, 1 Red, 1 Black
GIP006-R Jameco 70991 Jameco 0.59pair 0.55pair/10
OK, More expensive than the ones I specified, but only an extra 46 cents per student. (Students need 2 pair)
Solderless Breadboard same mfr part number (WBU-202-R) from Jameco, SKU is 20723 $9.95@1, $8.95@10, $7.95@50 OK, but twice the price

More problems (out of stock parts—some of which have been discontinued, though they were still available when I checked the list):

unavailable replace with new cost
Wire Strippers–360-632 $4.69
Solder Vacuum–370-030 $3.94
2″ x 5″ Shielded Speaker–299-359 They bought this one (a 15W 6Ω mid-range speaker, with resonance around 130Hz) $4.00
2″ x 5″ Shielded Speaker OR $3.59
2″ x 5″ Shielded Speaker OR–299-609 $3.99

I couldn’t find any super cheap loudspeakers that could handle at least 5W, which is necessary for the power-amp lab.

The staff seems to have replaced the needlenose pliers I selected with a much clunkier set that had gripper jaws and a cutting blade, rather than smooth jaws and no cutter.  This made them pretty useless for the tasks in the lab, which were straightening wires and inserting wires and parts into breadboards.


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