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2012 February 21

Science fair poster boards

For the past several years, my son has used the same black foam-core poster board for science fair each year. This year, he decided that it was getting too beat up, and he wanted a new one, so we designed and built a different one for this year. The constraints were the same as before:

  • When set up, the board has to fit within the science fair limits of 48″ wide, 30″ deep, and 72″ high (the county limit—state allows 78″ high).
  • When folded up and in a protective carrier, the board has to checkable as luggage without extra fees (at least from Southwest—other airlines charge fees for everything).
  • When in its carrier, the board has to be easily carried by hand for a mile and easily transported by taxi or airport shuttle.
  • The board has to stand freely on a table and not be easily knocked over.
  • The board needs to have a lot of room for text, diagrams, plots, and pictures.
  • The board had to be fairly cheap (less than $50 in materials).


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