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2020 April 7

WEST performing arts going online

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The group that my son  learned acting with for 12 years, now called West Performing Arts, has taken a pretty hard hit from the shelter-in-place rules, having to first suspend their spring courses on March 11, then cancel them all.

Update 2020 May 4: Their online offerings are at

But, being the resilient and creative bunch that they are, they have come back!  They are now offering online theater classes (copied from their email newsletter):

This Week at WEST

What We’re Doing!

make a donation

What We’re Watching!

Peter and the Wolf
by The Royal Ballet
Ages: 5+
This is a Family Show
by Billy Kelly
Stand Up Comedy
for Kids!
Ages: Elementary

Given that parents with kids stuck at home are desperate for ways to entertain and educate their kids, I think that these online classes will sell out quickly.

They are hoping that the shelter-in-place rules will have relaxed by the summer, so that they can have summer classes more or less as usual (perhaps with smaller audiences, social distancing of the actors, and outdoor performances).

I recognize some of the names of their instructors as actors that my son trained with—now having finished (or almost finished) college and temporarily unable to find employment as theaters around the world have shut down.

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