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2017 June 16

Futuristic Lights new Kickstarter: fidget spinners

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I just got the following announcement from Futuristic Lights about their newest product: a fidget spinner with three LED lights.  They are doing this one as a Kickstarter, because the market is a bit different from the glover market that they have been selling to so far, and they want to make sure they have a big enough market before incurring tooling costs.  They’re looking for $18,000 to do the tooling and manufacturing run for injection molding the spinners.  As they say on the Kickstarter site, they’ve released electronics products before (3 different microlights: the Kinetic, the Aether, and the Atom), and done a previous injection-molded product (soft cases for the Atom, not available separately), but this is the most complicated mechanical design they have done, and there is a possibility that they will have to get the tooling done twice, which would delay delivery  (but the $18,000 target allows for that possibility).

The $25/spinner price is higher than for spinners that don’t light up (which seem to run around $6–$15), but is fairly low compared to gloving lights (there are three microlights per spinner, comparable to $7 microlights like their competitor’s Chroma lights, so one could view this as only $4 for the spinner, though they don’t plan to sell the spinner without the lights).


The Galaxy LED Spinner!

We are excited to announce the Galaxy LED Fidget Spinner! The Galaxy is the highest quality LED spinner in the world.

Here’s some feature bullet points in no particular order:

  • Three minute plus spin time
  • 3 High-quality micro-lights
  • New Design
  • 14 Different Flashing Patterns
  • 4x Beautiful Color Sets for each Flashing Pattern
  • Demo mode that switches the pattern every 12 seconds
  • Battery lock so you don’t worry about it turning on in your pocket
  • The light is equally visible from both sides
  • High quality hybrid ceramic bearings
  • Easy battery replacement
  • 15 hours of battery life
  • Ability to flip lights in opposite directions for different light trail effects
  • Held together by strong neodymium magnets for easy and repeatable assembly
  • And more…

Learn more on our Kickstarter!

Go To Kickstarter!

Update 2017 July 16:  The Kickstarter campaign did not make its goal, getting only $3,146 pledged of  the $18,000 goal.  I think that they missed the market by about 6 months—a long time for fad products.  Because they did not get sufficient interest, they will not be making and selling the Galaxy fidget spinners, but will move on to other products where they expect a steadier market.

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