Gas station without pumps

2020 April 5

COVID-19 mask #2

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Yesterday, I sewed myself a second mask, like the one in COVID-19 mask—again using the pattern from Tiana’s Closet. This time I used a more cheerful fabric and made the ties out of the same fabric as the body of the mask. I also used one of my 3D-printed nose clips to close the gap that would otherwise fog my glasses.

The thin tie at the bottom works well, but thick tie at the top is too wide and does not fit comfortably over my ear.

If I decide to make another mask, I think I’ll change the pattern a bit to sweep up bit on the cheeks, so that the top tie can go over the ears better.

Update 2020 April 8: I find that the top tie is too wide and does not fit above my ear—I wore the mask for grocery shopping and picking up dinner today, and it slipped off my left ear (not uncovering my face, just making my ear uncomfortable). I’m considering replacing the top ties, though unpicking the triple-sewn attachment will be tedious.


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